Medication Packaging

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If you take multiple medications throughout the day, you know how much effort goes into keeping your pills—and your schedule—organized.

Let our pharmacy organize your medicine for you with Dispill® Multi-Dose Packaging. When you enroll in this innovative service, our pharmacist places the pills you need for each dose into individual packets. Our labels make it easy to identify when to take your pills because each cell has the date and time. The label can also be color coded to make it easier to visually identify the time of day.

Multi-dose packaging is a safer, easier way for you to keep up with your medication schedule. Plus, the packets are easy to open, which make them convenient to take with you wherever you go.

Dispill® isn’t just for prescribed medications. It’s also a time-saving solution for anyone who takes multiple over-the- counter fitness and dietary supplements throughout the day.

Stop by our pharmacy to learn how Dispill® can simplify your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What pill packaging options does Thrifty Mac Pharmacy have?

A: Patients can get their medications packaged in one of two ways. The first is a “blister-pack” option where individual pills are packaged in individual blisters that are located on a card so you can see and keep track of each dose. The second, and most popular, utilizes a system called Dispill®. This is a compliance packaging program that takes all your medications and packages them together into dosing times, like morning, evening, and night time, so that it is easy to make sure you are taking all your prescribed medications.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible for pill packaging?

A: There is no eligibility criteria for our compliance packaging, but it most benefits people who take a higher number of medications and need some assistance keeping track of their medications.

Q: How much does pill packaging at Thrifty Mac Pharmacy cost?

A: One question we get asked about our compliance program is, “How much does this cost?”, and we are able to assure these patients that this is a free service that we provide to better serve our patients.