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Mini Max.... Newest member of the Big Green Egg Family

Mini Max features a larger cooking surface in a small more portable grill. Come in and check out the newest addition to the BGE family. (Call for pricing)

  • We offer the area's best selection of Big Green Egg Grills and Eggcessories at very competitive prices. We can put a package together to meet your needs. Here is our current special:
  • Large Grill (THE MOST POPULAR SIZE):
  • Call for our LOW LOW Price on the Large EGG. Customers who have recently shopped for a Large EGG tell us that our price is one of the lowest found! Take 1 minute of your time and call 706-342-4141.
  • Ask about our grill & table package THAT IS A SUPER LOW price. Our package includes: Grill, Conveggtor, bag of charcoal, grill gripper ash tool, lighter blocks. Then select table or nest.
  • Add a compact or large table to hold your grill.
  • Prices start at *$299 for the COMPACT 40 INCH table OR the LARGE 5ft table.
  • *Our tables are locally made and are hundreds of dollars less than factory made tables.
  • Choose from treated pine or reclaimed heart pine (We can custom build a table with Cypress or Oak, special order, with or without wheels). Do the math.... Compare the metal stand (nest) and shelves (mate) priced at $270 to our 5ft Pine Table priced the same in our table package... that's a NO BRAINER! Call for more information.
Big Green Egg Grill

Sorry, we cannot ship grills or tables.

The Big Green Egg is the world's best Smoker Grill. Just ask anyone who owns one.

You may wonder why a drugstore sells Big Green Egg Grills. Our owners, George & Nancy Launius, fell in love with the grill, in the early 80's, after attending a local dinner party where meat was cooked on a Big Green Egg. After purchasing one of their own, they were convinced that there was a market for this amazing grill in their Morgan County community. In the mid 80's, Thrifty Mac became GEORGIA'S very FIRST BIG GREEN EGG DEALER in Georgia and the 2nd dealer in the world!, selling the grill in their locally owned, small town pharmacy, one grill at a time. Through the years, the Thrifty Mac Pharmacy BGE business has grown from buying and selling one grill at a time to having one of the largest selections of Big Green Egg Grills and accessories in the area. You will find almost any accessory available in stock. Come in and ask for George or Nancy, our owners, and BIG GREEN EGG experts. The BIG GREEN EGG is a lifetime purchase. Local DELIVERY AND SET UP IS AVAILABLE.

Delivery details: We offer a one man delivery to an area about 30 miles from Madison for a small fee. Someone must be home and able to assist our delivery man with set up if desired. Big Green Eggs are heavy and placement in a nest or table requires 2 people.

  • Egg NEST, Metal stand with wheels

    Egg NEST, Metal stand with wheels

  • Egg MATES, fold down tables attached to the EGG

    Egg MATES, fold down tables attached to the EGG

  • Egg TABLE, 2 Sizes with or without wheels

    Egg TABLE, 2 Sizes with or without wheels

Follow our simple steps below for choosing the right EGG

  • 1st: Pick the egg size... (we recommend at least a large)
  • There are 5 sizes:
  • Mini: Call for price - 9.5 Inch Grilling area (30lbs)
  • Small: Call for price - 13 Inch Grillng area (65lbs)
  • Medium: Call for price - 15 Inch Grilling area (95lbs)
  • *Large: Call for price - 18.25 Inch Grilling (140lbs)
  • X-Large: Call for price - 24 Grilling area (205lbs)
  • Large is the most popular size! Our Price for Large is hard to beat!
  • *Contact the store for more information on our locally made grill tables that are priced hundreds less than the factory models.
  • 2nd: Pick your stand (see pictures on the right)
  • Nests: Call for price
  • Tables: Call for price. Ask about locally built tables ...BIG SAVINGS
  • If you choose a nest, consider an "Egg Mate" or Egg Shelves" that attach and fold down.
  • Mate(folding attached tables)
  • Shelves (folding attached): Call for price
  • 3rd: Pick your EGGcessories
  • (Accessories for better cooking, see our recommended list below)


Our most popular 5ft treated pine table. Light stain. Ask about our savings by buying a grill/table package

We recommend the following EGGcessories for all EGG owners:

  • Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal
  • Electric lighter OR Starter Blocks
  • Grill Gripper
  • Ash Tool
  • V-Rack
  • Plate Setter
  • Cover
Electric Lighter
Grill Shelves
Grill Gripper
Ash tool

Electric Lighter

NEW Shelves! (center shelf can be added)

Grill Gripper

Ash Tool (to clean out ashes)

ConvEggtor (for indirect heat cooking)

Big Green Egg NATURAL LUMP Charcoal

Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal...A MUST


  • Ribs & Corn

    Ribs & Corn

  • Double Level Cooking

    Double Level Cooking

  • Double Level Pork

    Double Level Pork

  • Plate Setter

    Plate Setter

  • Wings


  • Vertical Chicken

    Vertical Chicken

  • Boston

    Boston Butt

  • Pizza


  • Vertical Chicken

    Vertical Chicken

  • Fish on Plank

    Fish on Plank

  • Green Egg Kitchen

    Green Egg Kitchen

  • Egg in Nest with Mates

    Egg in Nest with Mates

  • Egg in Long Table

    Egg in Long Table

  • Hamburgers



The Heavy Duty Big Green Egg® is made of modern heat holding ceramics. The ceramic walls are heavy and thick. This insulating quality cooks foods with an amazingly small consumption of charcoal. A 20 LB bag of natural charcoal will usually provide four to six months use, even if you cook out several times per week. When you are through cooking, just close the lid and the top and bottom drafts to extinguish the fire. You can reuse about 80% of the charcoal. This feature alone will pay for your Big Green Egg® in a short time.


By adjusting the dampers, you can attain a temperature accuracy within two degrees. You have total control. You can do your grilling, barbecuing,and smoking, exactly the temperatures you need. The optional heat gauge will give precise readings of temperature, from 50° to 750°. We have included a cookbook with recipes and easy instructions. You'll get great results from the start.


Smoking is done at lower temperatures—usually between 150° and 250°. Add some moistened wood chips to the glowing charcoal for flavor. Your Egg® gives you control of the degree of smoked flavor. You can have just a hint of smoke, or have your meats smoked through to the bone. With the Big Green Egg® you can smoke foods exactly the way you like them.


Lighting is quick without starter fluid regardless of wind conditions. All you need are a few sheets of newspaper. The air flow works like a fireplace. The Big Green Egg® will be at operating temperature and ready to use in less than ten minutes. You can use an electric lighter for even greater convenience.


The BGE® is a smoker, a grill, and an oven. You can do an entire meal at once by including your veggies—corn, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, etc. are superb! There are even deserts you can enjoy from the Egg®. The cookbook has many more suggestions.


The Big Green Egg® ceramics hold heat and moisture extremely well. For this reason, foods do not dry out, as in metal charcoal, gas, or electric grills. Natural juices and flavors enhance the taste. The BGE® operates without the need for water or endless hours of tending. Meats and other foods are juicier, with little or no shrinkage.


The Big Green Egg® is safer to use because the ceramic surface stays cooler than a metal cooker. This protection is most important around small children.


The ceramic Big Green Egg® gives a natural and wholesome flavor to all your foods—with no metallic taste. When baking, you'll get a "brick-oven" flavor and crust. Bake a bread or a pizza in your Big Green Egg® and see for yourself.


You can use The Big Green Egg® in all climates. Rain and snow cannot harm it. It is suitable for all year use, even in freezing temperatures. The BGE® can be priceless in emergencies.


The exterior has a lifetime porcelain glaze bonded to the ceramic. This permanent finish maintains its good looks and wipes clean easily. Inside, the heat will burn off any grease and splatters much like a self-cleaning oven. The porcelain coated grill is easy to clean. When your cookout is over you'll have less than a handful of ash to remove.


Heavy Duty Big Green Egg® ceramics will not become brittle with use like the fire-clay kamados of old. These new space age ceramics will withstand 2000° of heat without damage. Sear your steaks and fish at 700° or more. Smoke your roast or ham at 200° or less. Your Big Green Egg® will maintain the temperature you set, and perform superbly at high and low temperatures! (Code 1976)

Green Egg Grill delivery available to Madison, Eatonton, Greensboro, Social Circle and the Lake Oconee area.